NSA Sex – What does this mean?

NSA sex is short for No Strings Attached Sex.

In a dating context, such as NSA Sex Dating, this would mean couples who are looking just for a fun time involving sex but no commitments or emotional attachment. Typically this would be married couples, or couples who are in an open relationship and are just seeking the thrill of a sex partner to experiment with but without showing any real commitment to them. This could be a simple case of a one-night-stand or a longer term on-off sexual relationship.

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Improved iPhone sex dating coming soon.

We have a brand new feature lined up for every member who uses the Apple iPhone or iPod to browse the site. Whilst the current system works pretty well as it stands, we thought you’d be happy to hear that our adult sex dating system is going to be even better for you with a specially optimised layout and feature-set for browsing on these handheld devices.

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A busy weekend at Cheaper Thrills

Well, it’s been a busy weekend here at Cheaper Thrills with lots of new members looking for fun and sex through our dating service.

For everyone who has joined over the last few days, I’d like to say a big hello as fresh faces (and in fact bodies) are always welcome here on the UK’s largest adult dating network.

For everyone who is a longer term member, we hope you had a sexy time during the weekend and that the bad weather here in the UK didn’t spoil your plans, although I’m sure most of you never left the bedroom ;-)


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Are there any completely free adult sex dating sites?

This is a question that a lot of people are asking, and unfortunately, the short answer is no.

Whilst many adult dating sites offer free trials, there are no genuine freeĀ  sex dating sites. Whilst many sex sites pretend to offer a completely free service, what you will find is that these sites are thinly veiled online brothels where all the beautiful looking girls are actually escorts or call-girls looking for new clients.

So why aren’t sex dating sites free?

There are many reasons why not, but the no.1 reason, something which you may not have considered, is that of safety.

It’s well known that many communities such as Facebook are completely free, but these communities are not formed with the sole intention of bringing like minded people together for sexual activity.

In an ideal world, everyone on the web would be nice to one another and things like dating and adult community sites would be both cheap and easy to maintain, however this is far from the truth and running a successful sex dating agency requires both money and a huge amount of effort. The most important thing with online sex dating is the safety and security of the members and with so many looking to take advantage of other web users both financially and emotionally, every member needs to be carefully vetted.

You doubtlessly receive hundreds of junk mails in your inbox every week from people with hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) agendas – now imagine going on a sex date with them !! This is not how any of us would like sex dating to be – it should always be a fun and thrilling experience, not a dangerous one.

Making sure that members are genuine people is a complex process and requires a dedicated team of moderators to keep everything running smoothly and of course that costs money along with all the other running costs, multitudes of servers and internet bandwidth.

Here at Cheaper Thrills, we do aim to keep membership costs as low as is feasibly possible whilst maintaining a quality user base and a safe, spam free environment for everyone to enjoy.

Naturally we offer a completely free trial membership option which doesn’t require you to enter any payment details or credit card numbers. With our completely free membership you can browse and search for people on Cheaper Thrills (and there are over 1 million of them), you only need to become a full member if you wish to chat or set up a sex date.

Whilst we would love to offer you a completely free service we are sure that you would agree that for a low monthly cost, safety definitely comes first.

To have a look at all of our members and get a feel of what a quality sex dating site can offer, please sign up for a completely free, no strings attached trial.

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Welcome to the Cheaper Thrills Blog

This is just the first post to get things started.

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